A large numbers of citizen voters of every nation wanted a good, sincere leaders. Nation’s fate lies from the leader down to its subordinates. Even history of that nation will be based on the performance of that leader. Of course every citizen longs for a leader who can really elevate their poor kind of living  Their nation be known to the world how it progress well.

In electing a politician, most voters based their decision on the image as to what media created his/her image, some by hired professional image makers. Current performances, events and tasks done are taken into account mostly.

Being popular in his community, colleagues politicians, in with news of having good report of achievements. An eloquent speaker of himself, maybe. A well craft of art drawn for him and family, well presented to the public.
Not his true identity is revealed, just a mask which resulted of empowering a politician. But later on, true colors and motives resurfaced when in the throne of his position.
Nation’s future is in the hands of leader and his allies, ways and how’s of their performance. Increasing the quality of life of that nation in the span of time of their ruling, an indicator of good leader. Periods of holding that post, performance of their government is well illustrated as in canvass, after term ends.
A dedicated person with an ambition to become one, must have in mind, with sincerity the following features of a good leader. A man or a woman she may be, who loves the country he wanted to lead. Must have in mind certain features  of plans, projects, laws to be implemented for a nation to grow in progress.
Rationality refers to analyzing situation logically, different places, things are estimated, a well planned for the purposed subject to achieve, ways and purposes are offer
Not adventurous in making decisions. Giving priorities to planned goal and a necessity to needs of the country. For there are needs of his constituents which needed a simultaneous actions. Avoiding wasting of resources, tremendous over strain.

A political leader supported by different department heads and in turn basis on state head the organizations and structures of each goverment departments. Presented as pyramid structures of authority of the country.
Success of functions of pyramid structures operates more effectively when all its allies precisely follows by the instructions of the leader.

Confidence and trust of nation’s head. Government system will function well and stable no matter extreme situations may arise.
The main objective of him in aspiring that of to lead the country, a must obsession of his heart are to value the confidence given by the nation’s who voted him. The important value for the well- being of the people. His main inspiration is to elevate the condition of the nation. What he can contribute for his country, for the people’s welfare and needs?
What is his main purpose of aspiring that position? A big dream to see his nation flows with progress, inspire his countrymen, unites them in the purpose achieving goal which is clear for them and practically urgent indeed. But when protest arises, serious problems arises, that inspirational ideas are set aside.



Honest to himself first of all. Bares necessary things about himself that his voters need to know about his personality. Only those things that may affect people’s trust in him, For it will build trust, credibility, confidence and develops his character to voters.
Compassion is a quality of humane understanding the sufferings of others and doing something to it to alleviate suffering. A characteristic which converts knowledge to wisdom. Determining the right course of action to take that would great benefit to all those involve in those situations.
Integrity is defined as the adherence to moral and ethical principles, the soundness of moral character. A vital characteristics for those in political leadership. They can be trusted for they never veers from inner values though it would benefit them in doing so. Trust of his followers is a need, but this requires the highest kind of standard integrity.
Confidence to self is a necessity. Has a belief that he or she will act in a right, proper or effective ways, decisions and plans. A full confidence in self to lead. A good leader who posses this quality inspire others, draws a trust which sparks the motivation to get others on board and get the job done.
Flexibility is about understanding the give and take aspects of politics and ability to find the common ground. Listens to all sides, hears their arguments and learn what it will take on behalf of all parties involved to reach a consensus. It allows a political leader to recognize setbacks and criticisms, move and forward knowledge from them.

In this generation, should we still wish or expect those qualities of a good leader to exist? News all over the world, many leaders had faced protest from their constituents. Rallying against them, a change of leadership, goverment reforms.

If not known for being caught in elicit relation, divorce his wife for another lady, corrupted after a year of term, unlawful.bias in implementing projects and so on.

But we have not be dismayed in praying to God. In helping us to find us that good man who have at least fear in Him. A united adherence of every citizen of a nation in choosing of a sincere politician to lead the country, will happen.

Another wish is that, when that man or woman comes to reality, all citizens be alert against those evil doers to manipulate the vote we had cast in. No witch craft doctors in counting would made an evil tricks, trashing out our votes for their own corrupt leaders.


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