Music exist since earth existed.

Birds humming, animals creates different sounds when in playing moods or courting periods. Even air creates a beautiful sound as it swiftly blows a cool breeze on our atmosphere. The gentle tap of raindrops creates a beautiful melodies. Leaves as it is being blown by air, swaying in dances in tune of it.

Different kinds of instrument were invented to create music and songs as well. Our ancestors, as written in the bible, many gatherings uses these instrument in creating a happy mood of environment.
Cymbals, trumpets, drums, harps and so on, truly contributed in making astonishing kinds of sound. A danceable one, just to relax minds, a rhythmic thing or something which can be accompanied by a song.
Psalms of David proves music are really part of human, a necessity for human life. A big factor and contribute a lot for us.
Music may denote love, express anger, delivers messages for individual or human race, gives moral lessons, a warning to human evil deeds, an invitation to reform, an adoration to nature’s beauty and lots more.

Above all, “David’s Psalms” are the most beautiful music and songs composed here on earth. No one can surpassed it.
In this generation, millions kind of music were made and compose by different nations, musicians, lyricist, composers, singers.
Music maybe in pure tune only, in orchestra, a guitar, a rock band, violin alone, a trumpet, drums.
Music with lyrics or songs belongs to music categories. A ballad, an opera songs, romantic, lullaby, disco music, rock, countryside songs, so many to enumerate.
People’s type of music to listen differ of course. I prefer those soft music ever since in my younger days.
Babies or infants, in my observance and experience, love lullaby music. I had worked in children’s adoption center for a year. But reaching at one year old, a danceable music is best introduce to them. Why? It tickles mind and heart to activate the nerves within human body. Try playing to a year old babies, those who can stand on crib especially. Their eyes wide open as starting to hear that lively music. Not so loud of course, may damage their eardrums which are still fragile.
The start to move their buttocks, legs and feet with a so sweet smiles. Then along hands raising up as long as they can and sways.

Children, teens, ladies and gentlemen up to oldies men and women, everybody I think love music. What a great joy it brings to each of us.


Patient with dementia when given iPods and let them listen to their favorite music, reacted positively. A big change was obtained for they able to answer questions about their past, recalling social involvements, conversations with others improved a lot.
In the deeper part of our brain, music imprints itself than any other experience. That’s according to Dr. Oliver Sacks, a neurologist. It evokes emotion, and this can bring memory. Improve it and even develop new memories.

Low birth weight improvement is attributed to attaching music to baby’s incubator. Playing music to premature infants, according to Canadian researchers, encouraged better feeding habits and reduced their pain levels. Reduces also amount of energy they expend, which allows them gain weight.
Hospitals uses musical instruments to mimic the sounds of mother’s heartbeat and womb to lull premature babies to asleep. A calming instrumental music is played.
How about playing it to our plants? Weird to hear? Maybe right , maybe not so true. Dorothy Retallack, author of a book about plants, had a good review. Plants exposed to rock music, were droopy, faded leaves and leaning away from music. While those exposed to calming music, were uniform in size, full green and leaning towards music.
People with brain damage effects are almost millions. Researchers have relied to music to stimulate areas of the brain as part of the treatment. Those people with neurological damage caused by stroke or Parkinson’s disease regain a symmetrical and a sense of balance when given a rhythm to dance or walk.

Danceable music helps to serve as a footstep cue for the brain. Autistic children who couldn’t speak, therapy music is given and helped them to speak articulate words.
Rhythm and pitch can help patients sing what words they can’t say. Music is a powerful instrument in medical reformation according to Dr. Michael de Georgia, director of the Center for Music and Medicine at Case western Reserve University/ hospital in Cleveland.
It can prevent hearing loss. A series of hearing test to check the advantage of music to the ears. Finding out that musicians processed sound better than non-musicians. That’s despite age gap. A 70 year old musician understood speech in noisy environment as well as a 50 year old non musician.
It lowers blood pressure, slowing heart rate and reducing anxiety of patients who suffered heart attack. Music induce a sense of joy which causes increased circulation and expand blood vessels, which encourages good vascular health.


It boost athletic performance by up to 20%. Music rhythm drives us to perform more and effort in movement during exercises. A big driving factor with lively or danceable being played.
Music to grade pupils is a big help in study rather than those who have no music subject. Vocabulary test scored by students affiliated to music are higher than those without.
In gatherings of either group of friends, relatives family, it is so vital along with foods, fun, games. No music, so dull moments.
For two lovers, a theme song for them, or a romantic tune while engaging a romantic talking.
In politics rallies, religious activities, commercial advertisements a must need.
In wars?

A so boring environment am sure, sleepy mood everywhere. Though am often alone left in our house, playing music eases those tensions and anxieties.
But when am writing my blogs, poem passages or quotes, I want a serenity. No music for a while. My mood is set fine best without hearing music be it soft or romantic one.
As choir church member, in soprano, reaching those high notes, really boost my whole being. Though am at sixty now, I feel young. Music eases so many bad emotions. A big health booster for me singing beat or soft music.
Music will be around thru out our lives.


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