How can I differentiate a gentleman to not a gentle one? How can I describe a gentleman in the right sense of it? Will I base it the way he dress him up, or his character towards others? The way he carries self in the midst of people.
Dictionaries define gentleman as chivalrous, courteous, honorable man, a polite man in many ways, educate mannerism, man in high social position, with excellent manners, a man of good family. He earns respects from both young and old.

I can relate how to determine if a man is a gentleman indeed or not, for I have two sons, grown up men. Of course, I can proudly say they are gentlemen. The eldest is thirty seven but still single, the youngest is twenty six, single and eligible bachelors.

Character is base foundation of being one. Not done by force effort just to create a good image in front of people he wanted to impress. Just so easy to disguise, then just laughed off all what he had done.
From childhood, good character is mold, inborn or inherited traits, till he grows up as teen then to manhood.

From childhood, good traits are clearly seen in him, stand out among them. He is Kind, Helpful, Industrious, Courteous, Loving, Caring, Generous and almost all aspects of good definition fitted to a man. Need not be a so good I admire boys who have a mature mind in dealing with life. Those especially who are in very low average ways of living. Setting aside self needs, helps parents to support the daily needs of the family. Education they try to attain in spite of hardships being encountered. Every good opportunity that comes they grasp, seek and tries jobs to support schooling.

A low profile they are, just to achieve that dream and elevate their kind of living. For success thrive from hardships, is the best joy anyone can feel. Love is set aside for a moment. It can wait, and marrying at average age, with stable job and income is a good decision of a righteous and brilliant mind.

Sons who loves and cares their parents, are well blessed by God. They are bless with good wife too. a good and stable job as well.

Nightlife, vices and bad friends are out, early sex are evade.

Life is enjoyed better when spent on sports, good friends outings, and on learning to earn and creates a business. Future planning as they mature and preparing to have a family of their own.

Courtships takes a quite period of time, it’s best if they able to know each other first, stable family relationships. A true man, doesn’t do malicious moves towards the woman he is courting. Things that what a couple does must be out, for them to keep relationship clean and last. Flesh impulse is not a love at all but a mere lust. The consequences of it would results to early pregnancy though not yet fully prepared emotionally, financially and physically.

Only few men have those kind of attitudes in this new generation and modern phase of time. Especially in rich countries, socialites and elite people. Women are just a mere sex pleasures because many women too are willing and fond of it. Getting pregnant has a solution, Abortion. Lust satisfaction are their obsession. Rich men can have as many women out there. Even those lowly men they call, as long as they have that good looks, masculine well formed bodies. Rich young and old women are ready around.

But not to a true gentlemen who are just few in number.

Prefer those true gentlemen, those who really intent of having a good family. A God fearing man, has almost all these traits descent women dreaming of. Good wife is God given so is a man to a good woman.







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