To lead a country is a prestige ambition many desires to achieve either by hook. Not for the reason that they love their country but for self purpose he/she really planned. Out of ten fingers, maybe a three or two only had a sincere love for their country. Am referring to presidents, kings, prime ministers as they call it who are called leaders of  their certain countries.

Let’s not talk about the heroes who had help in liberating their countries from oppressors.

Almost of them came from a low state of living, military service, politician families. Their childhood stories had a great influence in their characters that build them up to strive hard and achieve something so high. Those pain, hardships, anger and hatred which they can’t divulge then, so much belief on self are some contributors for aiming high.

A want to known all over the world, that power, vast wealth to accumulate, gain many friends, to be look up and fear, gain influence and protection. Of course, who doesn’t wanted it? A time to retaliate to people they wanted to release those inside their heart and mind. If those people they wanted to vengeance are gone now, they release it to others, their constituents who oppose them.

Why? they reflect the image of those who rejected them, hurt their feelings much, the sufferings they had then and so on.

I read their biographies of their childhood, they are just four I had been interested to study for their being so famous. They have all in common essence of life experience in childhood. The lack of love from parents, abused treatment, poverty experienced, pain, hatred pushed and molded them of who they are when they achieved the peak of their ambition.

They acted as fierce lion, king or queen of powers, along with vast wealth of course. What a poor people they are in fact. Hiding in the image of lion and its thick furs, but inside we know lions too, the animal itself has fears.

Take a look at these four people, they have the same abstract of face being reflected. The proud look, eyes that seems peeping to a what, hard face, the way they dress up, their speeches, book written, ways of attitudes and conversations with people. A unique personalities they build for themselves.

These people and others like them had involved in killings  media men and women, people who are against them, tried to conquer other nations, overpowered others political leaders. History are printed on newspapers, books, internet, television documentaries, they had records of the different stories of these evil leaders. what is featured here are just a bit sample. For us to enlightened why there are leaders who became such characters.

Among the world famous lion image leader was Muamar Qaddafi who ruled Libyan government in 1969 as an authoritarian for more than 40 years before he was overthrown in 2011. From the ranks of military, he rose and seized control of Libya. He demonstrated eccentric behavior and an oppressive ruling style until he was dethrone and killed in a revolution.

Qaddaffi had done horrific human rights abuses, military interference in Africa, so much abuses to Libyan population. West countries was shut down in Libya, its military bases, demanded a bigger share portion of revenue with the country from foreign oil companies. From Gregorian calendar was change into Islamic. Sent spies and killed his opponents living in Western countries as self- exile. An enemy is he of western countries.
He had marked self of attire designed for him, and was known for this. His afraid of staying in big hotel and rather stays in tent just near those big hotels. Wrote books, rambling speeches, none sense I think.

Known for having women as his bodyguards and they are virgin according to him.

He believes so much in himself believing he’s so intelligent, known for being philosophical, temperamental. Grows up in the desert and adopted much the traits and cultures there. He was called as :Mad Dog” leader, has his own marked in dressing him up so unique from other leaders. A great impact he wanted to impress to all the world.

Saddam Hussein, former leader of Iraq was also known worldwide for his own way of leading his country. They have almost common story. From childhood who had suffered maltreatment from stepfather, slowly rose into a fighter for a certain cause.Studies late in primary school but later finished too until he joined the army. School was a boring one for him, his uncle, an Arab nationalist introduced him into politics where he’s so interested much.

Year 1969, he became the president of Iraq until 2006. He executed hundreds of high ranking officials who he suspected of being disloyal to him. He was known as dictator, wherein lots of his faces is seen being displayed on large tarpaulin all over Iraq.
He was known for that destructive weapons or chemical weapons killings of thousands and thousands and disappearance of noncombatants. His power ended in 2003 under President Bush Jr. and was killed.

President Ferdinand E. Marcos of our country, Philippines has the longest reigning who ruled the Philippines. He was a dictator, known for running a corrupt, undemocratic regime. He was known as the most powerful president and had ruled the country for a decade.

The married by her mother was not his biological father, Mariano Marcos. His real father was Ferdinand Chua, a well connected judge in North I locos region, a Chinese wealthy man. That is why his name was derived from his father. He killed his stepfather at the age of 18, but due to his true father’s influenced, though convicted for a while, was released later.
From military service, became a lawyer, entered into politics, slowly rose up and become president in 196. Marcos was the first president to be re-elected in 1969 because of vote buying and fraud. His wife, Imelda Marcos, was famous for her extravagant ways of dressing up. A party addict with famous diplomatic around the world including George Hamilton.
1983 was the downfall of his reigning when Benigno Aquino Jr. returned, assassinated from his long exile. It’s Marcos who was behind Aquino for being self- exiled in U.S. and here in the Philippines. The people and army joined force in overthrowing Marcos family.

Gloria Arroyo is the daughter of former President Diosdado Macapagal. Stayed at her father sibling’s on first marriage for a years of her life then she preferred to stay at her grandmother.
Former president Gloria Arroyo became president when former Joseph Estrada was force to be out of his post. Many doubt it was U.S. intervention, acts of retaliation when the U.S. military bases ended by Estrada. Gloria Arroyo was not elected by the Filipino, even when she ran for re-election with late actor running as opponent, Fernando Poe Jr.

Many are her allies then protecting her for they benefits much from her. Religious leaders, political friends, wealthy businessmen, lawmakers, judges,took the opportunity protecting her to stay in power. A corrupt kind of goverment too.

Now she is under hospital arrest for many accusations filed against her including corruptions, She’s in the hospital for a long span of months due to her illness. consequences of evil she had done.
It was her opponent who had really won, but because of her subordinates dirty tactics, she emerged as winner. Corrupt officials, religious influence, abuses in power and others were also in her leadership.
While they were still in power, you could see the fierce of lion in their faces. The proud for having power, the high position obtained either by legal mandates of their people or due to dirty tactics. They try to portray themselves as so brave, with much intelligence, a dictator image, haughty look in their eyes, lips or rather mouth which conveys messages. Attire of a man or woman just suited to their image they wanted to mark or mold. A character everyone wanted to be imprinted on mind of people around the world who they are.
These Leaders made speeches which they think would mark them of who they are. Created an image, a personality unique from other leaders. Wrote books to impress people that they are brilliant and had much capacity to govern a nation as long as they wanted.

Each had created an image, personality, character, traits and kind of enormous power, Maybe thinking it would shock other leaders around them. Hoping perhaps these leaders around the world would look up on them with fear and admire.

Many rich nation had helped these kind of mad leaders in exchange of their own purpose to. But when their own proclaimed powers are overwhelmed by these mad leaders, they are cut off. These rich nations are contributor in molding these mad leaders to rose on top. Damaging the economy, creating revolutions and wars, wherein the main receptors are the poor residents of that nations.

Just because of the collaboration of these rich nations against another nation, they create a tool. What kind of tool? Leaders with much ambitious too. From childhood life encountered till they reaches that maturity of physical being, has great impact in molding their personalities and ambitious. Hussien had undergone maltreatment from foster father, beating him up. Hatred of course was there in his brain, developed a character of who he was. It was poured out when that ambition was fulfilled.

From a poor family, ambition of being freed from that kind of situation, a desire to achieve it, results to a kind of brain development to a superlative degree, brain damage.

Hunger in power, where she or he wanted generation to stay in being a leader so as not to lose it. Pushing generation of his/her to hold political positions in the goverment.

Using religious influence and rich and famous wealthy people to support them in exchange of a dirty deal.

From judges, lawmakers as co-accomplish for any misdeeds acts as protectors exempting them from prosecutions.

The  hunger to accumulate vast wealth, if possible to own his own country, to siege more neighboring nations.

Corruption here and there of public funds, manipulations of goverment projects and foreign donations even those calamity funds.

So many to enumerate, and I felt vomiting for these evil leaders.

Like a story, if there is a beginning, of course there is an end.

With God intervention, no fierce man/woman, no braveness, powerful can stand against God.

Once a fierce lion they are, but where are they now? No one can boast, even history can’t deny how all of them fallen. Their evil and mad mind surely will bring them down. They are just acting as super powerful men and women leaders because they have around them supporting them. The fact that who are around them are like them, one or some of them will surely be a traitor to be on top of him.

Why are these fond of having parties? Why they prefer sons/daughter to be posted on risk and high positions? Insecurity, lack of trust, fear of being killed and overthrown and many fears. Deep inside these leader is a deep sadness, grief, loneliness. Mind is always tormented because they know within themselves there would come that time they will be gone. Power, wealth, friends, influence and protectors.

In the countenance, a righteous can read the personality, traits and character of that person.

No matter how they mold their image in front of the public, great speeches, written books, achievements, influences and many more, they can never hide.

They all become ill, like a lame dog, went on hiding, abandoned by former allies, wealth accumulated were confiscated, faced goverment charges and convictions. Those glory are now shameful, grief, downfall of powers and many more.

But did they ever felt sorry of their doings? No, they still kept on denying of course. What a silly person they are!

Where are these fierce lions now?

Everything has and end, they will all die and face the super powerful true God!


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