I love so much baking and cooking. It makes my hips and buttocks as if wiggling. Though so many tools and baking equipment even ingredients still lacking, yet we able to go on. It’s not a hindrance, just shake a little our brain and presto!
When I need to bake, the first thing I do is to oversee the pictures on its food site. How appetizing is it the way it was presented, the texture, ingredients are just simple and affordable, should be a health beneficial yet yummy, time of preparation and cooking not so consuming. The verdict then comes after cooking and the outcome is similar as what is seen and copied. If the result is good, then I kept the recipes and stick to it.
Baking helps us a lot mostly in time that we are having a tight belt financing our everyday needs. Since we learned how to bake from cookies, muffins, cupcakes, loaf and round cakes, pizza and loaf bread, even French bread and alike ; it help us a lot. As long as there is all purpose flour, baking powder, baking soda, eggs and butter, baking is easier. What to add in it is easy for us. Just don’t forget liquefied petroleum gas is there ready.

Pizza is hard for the meantime to obtain the perfectness. We don’t have exact oven to fire that pizza so we can’t attain that perfect crust. We are innovating, never surrender to good ideas. Will come to it the soonest.
Shown are some of the cupcakes, pizza, muffins, loaf cakes we made recently. Sour cream pound cake, banana chocolate chips loaf cakes, cream cheese loaf pound cakes. We able to sell it to close friends since we have not enough capital yet to purchase a definite market stall. Having a stall or place to display bake products along with coffee, smoothies, fruit juice or a soup is our dream and hoping to come to real. Maybe add some pasta too and healthy noodles.
When I bake, I see to it to reduce sugar quantity, too much sweetness is not good for health. I don’t like cakes with much sugar, and many customers of us request about it to be just mild. Sometimes, adding one eggs adds softness and extra taste. Or innovating some of ingredients similar to original has good effect too.
The youngest son, like is a great help in baking. Like mom, he is fond of doing it. The eldest always gives the verdict. Straight forward he tells if it’s well done or not. We believe on him.
Today were going to bake pizza dough, Nan and muffin pizza. It goes along well either on coffee or soda drinks. Sweets are avoided by many for health conscious, unlike those bake loaf breads, pizzas.

Just reassure our baked breads taste really delicious and appetizing. We able to sell at least and help us financially. Being friendly enough is a great help in business. Patient too and just be industrious, confidence to oneself, success is obtain.


For us who are just mere beginners, we find it’s so hard. We have to be able to dispatch all of it if possible that day. Comments of satisfactions is only our reward.


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