So many false concepts of term masculinity of men in the mind of women about the real meaning of it. Even a teen-age girls, ask them, what do you mean of masculine? What enters in their mind is an image of a sturdy body with muscles, handsome, strong of course.


They refer masculinity as manliness, behaviors, roles, strength and boldness. It pertains to men gender only of course.

For me, it should not only describe the physical outlook of a man but also inside character of a man. There are gays who have good body built, but inside they have a feminine heart.

There are also many men who doesn’t have that looks, bulky muscles, boxer image. They have lean bodies, not so quite handsome, but still have that manly image. Carries his personality well, dress up self just simple but have that guts.

No matter how they try to impress ladies or women out there, it’s not hard to determine their true colors. That’s on my side, my own kind of discernment.

There are men who at their tender age, those you teen years, many doesn’t have yet that kind of manly look. Some are still skinny, or chubby, not so tall yet. But as they grew up and reach thirty years old onward, slowly body changes is seen. Maybe, they are more mature reaching age of thirty. Conscious of bodies, indulge in sports such as basketball which are so common. Body building in gyms are4 favorite place for them.
What attracts most women I can say, are men with stable job, someone they can depend on. An ideal husband is every women dreaming of. At this point of generation, not necessary good looking, but with good job is what they obsess.

Famous women in fashion world, film industry, in social life, professionals, were so lucky for having famous men. Many wealthy and famous men, get beautiful women in spite of their not so good looking men. Some are old even, yet, able to marry younger than their age. But not many famous finds it a happy marriage one. There are some famous marriages wherein women while still married , flirt with another man. The former wife of French president did it. Or the husband who finds extra happiness in spite of still married. The former actor and once a politician, who had an elicit relation with their household helper and even had a child with her. Perhaps, failure in contentment for sex.

Those images of men in well body built form, I think are just for media , magazines purposes only. Not every man wanted to achieve those kinds of bulky muscles. Just having that firm muscles, a nice dress up, healthy and a bit cute and handsome image is enough. within them, there is a deep thing lacking within that is why many women don’t find contentment with them.

Stable job, business is a big attraction to women. But not all women have that kind of thinking. Many are stub-born for they assumed responsibilities of man’s obligation just to have the man they desires to have. Some are cruel to their partners, only to find it after they started to live together. Finds out not a perfect man of her dream, dis-satisfied of their sexual intercourse.

Women who had based their love and decision on outer appearance of their man, many failed. Giving out all their virginity, and was abandoned after got pregnant.

Many men had tricks to create an image of being a so manly. As many women they had, some create as record holder of having dismantled virginity. A pride to boast of and as a proof they are so good in satisfying lust of women.

Early teens image who can consume a pack of cigarettes a day, drinks alcohol and wear those manly clothes. Along with those hair in fashion, assures self not late in it. Girls screaming, eyes focus as these teen attracts them. Teen and young actors portrays an image of macho fashionable next door boy.

These are among their beliefs that they are so manly in looks whenever many are attracted to them, young and even older women.
As they grow into manhood, those traits are carried along in their mentalities behavior. Good looks, well -built bodies, add that being in the elite families, business or professional, what can a woman ask for more?

Even for low bracket standard of life, man’s image is a great attraction and contributing factors to have. Many women forget and set aside the root traits to scrutinize first.

Men are deceitful, tricky and opportunities grabber when it comes to love. They always take in advance of women knowing these women are so in love with them. They can shoot two to three women at the same period.

Masculinity in the true sense meaning of it is not being define by outward physical outlook.

What makes a man as a man in the realm entirety of it is the very inner man. The inner man inside him is the character that defines him.
A true man in mind, heart and understand the physical purposes of his body. Brave in the sense of facing responsibilities, challenges in life. Have righteous mind, fears God and followers of Him. Have a good moral and conducts. Has a sound mind, brilliant, not because of high education attained but a good mentality. Broad minded man, has good behavior, courteous, caring, industrious man, witty, respectful to women specially older and children. Brave enough in time of crisis, patience, doesn’t loose temper fast and many good traits a man should be.

November 19, International Man’s Day. But crisis in this modern masculinity is increasing. Western countries such as Britain records high rate in suicide where in the main cause of death in men aged 20-49 in England and Wales. Men hardly cope facing problems, caused them to suffer depression.

In reality, men are only strong to look in appearance, as if brave enough, but the truth lies, they are weak person. Their physical body is a big cover up of their true entity.

They don’t show true emotion, for the fear that it would lessen the image of masculinity. For many men and women as well believe that when a man shows weakness in facing problems, whenever they burst in tears, crying, it diminish masculinity. They are so afraid to relay their problems to others and preferred to deal problem themselves.

The vivid truth speaks so clearly, women are good counselors and has more open mind rather than men.

Handling responsibilities such as sole breadwinner in the family, or as a father to his family, he is much pressured. Compared to many women who can handles situations in crisis.

Rare men can give good advices to their colleagues, some even ridicules seeing them crying. Are you gay, why are you in tears for just that thing? That is mostly they can utter.

Women’s mind is broader understanding and handling problems. We women are likely to seek help or confide it to a friend to release those heavy loads in our heart and mind. But no in men, they prefer to protect that ego of being a man. They can’t accept the weakness part of them. We are vocal of our emotion, not like men.

Even at work, especially nowadays that jobs which are just for men, now women bravely fill that odds. Competition in work positions is stiff among men and women, racing who’s best suited to be on top.

More men commit suicides than women. Hope they end the concept of confiding much problems within themselves. That to solicit advices will never diminish their being manly hood image.

I admire men who are really in true essence of being a man. Of course I love men who have that look in dressing up self. Too handsome is not attractive, they look like women who undergone change in sex organ. True men has that really face of a man, smart, brave, strong, kind, courteous, caring, loving, gentleman, God fearing man is the most totality that a true man is.

I just hope many men would open their mind in understanding what masculinity really means.


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