Way back in my childhood, I clearly remember that whenever any of the member of the family got sick, there is only one doctor my parents approach. A surgeon and general medicine doctor he is, Dr. Jose Bernas jr., family friend and town’s mate of them. The father of Dr. Bernas was once the instrument of God to save my life when my umbellical cord was infected. My mother said, I was only a month year old then, was in critical condition and near to death, and this old doctor hurriedly done his best. Thank God, am alive, God bless him.

When my mother got sick, she was operated, her womb and appendix was removed It was the son doctor who operated her at low cost. We’re so poor and my father can’t afford the high fees being asked. But this doctor, a friend of them, was so grateful, even help us for the medicines.
I was in grade two, when I was bitten by a dog in my right leg, wherein a flesh was slash by those sharp teeth. Blood flows, I was terribly crying. Just good I was with my sister as we walk back home from school that day. The owner of the dogs, didn’t bother and even blamed us. Their gate was open when we passed along our daily route back and forth to school and home.
I was urgently rushed to the hospital and loudly crying as medications is being done. I can’t bear the much pain, with that many stiches done and injections.
I got a daily injection of anti-rabies being , tagging me is my big brother on bike to hospital. A twenty four shots all at my back, everyday a painful sacrifice for me.
After the twenty four injections, convulsion attacked, my hands, lips and feet were cold and am in bluish color. Chilling so much, thought I would die that moment. My father took his bike hurriedly and went to Dr. Bernas. As soon as the doctor arrived, he immediately injected me with the medicine. Am grateful to say thank you oh God, you always save me from near death. The doctor too who’s so kind to us.

When my eldest son had a bronchitis pneumonia, i rushed him in hospital, was confined there for a week. But my son barely recovered. I went to my eldest brother and asked his help. He referred me to their  friend doctor, a retired from hospital service, but a very good doctor. He has a clinic in his home. He carefully read medicine prescription on the booklet before giving the medical prescription. I was told to carefully attend to his prescription for the next twelve hours and administer the medicine every three hours to get the best effect. My son condition was severe then. I did not able to sleep a bit that night and really attend to my son. I was relieved the next day, for my son fast recovery, thank you again oh Lord. Two times my son life was save thru him. He is dead now, a doctor I admired much and grateful.
That is the benefit of having a friend doctor whom we can ran to, act immediately and response to our medical needs even without cash on hands. And I salute those doctors with same attitudes.
I have a family now, with two good, kind, loving and handsome sons given to me by God. Both have work in an office and earning just enough for us too. The eldest has a good health card wherein the parent is included as beneficiary since still single. It covers a lot of benefits.
Unfortunately, I discovered I had this multiple hepathic cysts when I began suffering of bloating, pain in my right Abdomen, bruises and freckles. It was year 2009 when I was diagnosed, but only referred to many doctors. It took us four years when we land to a good doctor, specialist in this field.

I was operated in 2011, month of December, it took me five days in hospital. Good, for the hospital bill and other medicines were covered by the health card. But my doctor bill in anestheologist and the surgeon doctor was not covered for the year cut off period of it. Yearly, it is renewed, so we have to pay in cash our fees to the two doctors.
My surgeon doctor was so kind, for it was even him who talk to anestheologist doctor to give us the gate pass. Note of promise was made. We had able to pay later.
Yes, it’s good to have a doctor friend, a big help especially now a days. Easy to contact and be recommend to other doctors for any diseases we may have. Having a very good doctor, specialist doctor, is a great gift.

Nowadays, if you’re rich, with good health card, if you’re a known person, good, for you will receive an immediate treatment. But for the poor, in emergency cases mostly, prepare self what treatment to get.

But though it’s good to have a friend doctor, still I try to go to other doctor to compare their opinion. In my case, I really do it since am having a much pain in my lower abdomen. Some nerve was cut off and caused numbness and much pain as if there is a swell. So other opinion I must have to weighs whose opinion or findings is best.








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