Reality shows that most men have a weak personality. Some men who are too handsome and sometimes more beautiful than women’s face, are not total men for me. There’s a shade hidden in their personality.

One way of adding ego of being a man, is to have a more than one relationship with women. A cover up of their true beings, they indulge in multiple relationships.

Cute are men who acts just naturally, have that ordinary face and dress up really as men. For men wearing tight jeans and shirts yet their body form are slim, so awkward, that’s my opinion. The way a man dress up self, reflect also his identity.

So as to women, inner being of her can be read in her countenance, same as in men. The way she carries herself, her attitudes in dealing with people, tells who she/he is.
In courtship, both sides true being isn’t shown by both parties yet. Of course, impressing the lady from part of man is necessary. Same as on side of the lady, a cute and enticing movement to attract too the man of her prospect is needed.
Hiding the true status occurred mostly to men who pretend to be single, or a widow. Women I guess is easy to determine if already a married one or not. Those who are deployed abroad and are apart to their families, these happens mostly. Women or men left at home with their partners abroad, finds it hard to fill up that longing of flesh. There are also who are in abroad, meet at workplace, even they know they are both married way back home, still engaged into elicit relationship.
Distant is a big factor too, that is for those who fear not God and enter into a filthy life. For if they fear what consequences it will be for a soul, they would remain loyal to their partners.
When things are okay now for both, dating starts, with gifts of course for each of material things, That is to show that each both cares and always wanted a remembrance of every dating or anniversary of their day of acceptance of ties. Love ties of course, what else.
Some men who are hot they say, always take advantage of the woman. In cases that women too are aggressive in romances, a little bit flirting and hot too. Women who had just experienced first love of their life, gives freely self to the man of her love.
Men too, experience first love, and really give their best to please the woman of his love. Some even are called underdog, for these men are overpowered by their woman. A yes to every caprice of their love, just to please her and won’t change her heart.
Many different stories, situations and kinds of relationships between two people in love then, mostly turns out to sour afterwards. Maybe because the other side only is so in love, while the girl or the boy isn’t that serious.
Early surrender of her virginity to a man, mostly causes a big trauma afterwards to both. The man may have in mind that this woman can’t be trusted for she is easy to get kind of woman. Or perhaps the man did not enjoyed the pleasure of their sexual acts. For the mere reason that they thought they are so much in love, only finding out later that it was just for lust. A feeling of the flesh to satisfies craving only and aftermath, that craving is gone forever.
On the part of the woman too, what the man did to her may affect the totality of his description of a man she dreams to be a life partner fall apart. Maybe she felt too that the man is playing fool of her.
Facing responsibilities are common problems of both, but especially for men, who doesn’t have any job at all.
For men who are at average age, with stable job, those guys who are wealthy enough, yet many are not ready to be tied up with someone. They are the men who still wanted to fling around and still keep on searching what would satisfy they want to be with.
So, even they are still engaged, one or the other still go on hunting different kind of ladies that would suit his or her taste. That’s were cheating goes. Only to discover, the feeling isn’t mutual anymore between them.

The looser in relationship is always the female, for those who regard virginity as seems a gem or precious. The very best gift to the man worthy of her love, if possible. is her virginity.
Nowadays that modern phase of communication of media is easily access, even children are well informed now about sex. In school in modern countries, they already teach it.
Men who are still virgin too is preferable, but I doubt for the number of them who had not encountered yet this kind of relationships.
Being cheated while still on stage of girlfriend or boyfriend relation, I think, doesn’t hurt much. Not for married couple for years, and one of them finds out she or he is being cheated secretly. A big blow on the other side for finding out that after years of being together, other are sharing with her or his partner.
Aside from discontentment from partner in sexual relationships, unpreparedness in facing responsibilities, not ready yet to enter into a lifetime relationships or married life, many are still in search for that woman or man they really desires. For there are couples were just joined by needs either of flesh or a companion as partner. Some were just develop from being a mutual friendship relation. Or married the other because discovered the female is pregnant and for the baby’s sake, married her, even though there’s no true love at all.
There are women who are attractive and well cared selves when the man is still in courting. But as they live together, the woman looks so haggard and not as attractive before. So the man is disgusted and began searching for a new one. Love intruders for a good relationship, as they are called, often are causes of split of two lovers. It’s either a friend of them which causes broke up who is envy of good relationship of the couple. Enticing the other who’s also weak in temptation, so goes the split, cheating.

Being cheated causes split in relationships causes to some to commit suicides. That is if the other is so in love and couldn’t accept the reality, causes a death.
If only two thinks many times before giving up selves to one another, before deciding to live as couple, less failure in marriage or even girlfriend and boyfriend relationship.
Each must be assure enough in mind, heart, the responsibilities of being married in future, if early pregnancy occurred, responsibilities of each and lastly, are they really in love that much? How ready are they?
If not too sure, avoid those things that a two legally married couple are enjoying.
I think enough that both enjoy the company of each in downtown eating, dances, singing, swimming and others. But not to the point of giving up all and finding out later, either of the two is satisfied anymore.


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