I can bravely relate talking about this phase of life of a bachelor for I have two son who are still eligible until this time.
Why? It’s not a big surprise why there are many men prefer to remain single till reaching that age of 40’s. There’s no big rush for men, not like women who have to get married at 30’s as the last waiting of marriage.

That why, is so applicable for them to be ask. It’s hard to conceive in that age for women like us. Some women in late twenties who got married, take a long time to go pregnant. But their edge is better than those women in 40’s for pregnancy often is a big problem. Medically and scientifically speaking, few numbers of women have a success of getting pregnant at that age.
Not like men, though they reach seventy plus, as long as they are healthy, they can give healthy sperm cells to a woman.

Young teen marriages are resulted from early exposures to sex media either on televisions, news and magazines, pornographic features on internet are accessible. So even though physical and mind are not yet capable to handle a family obligations, they are force to face it anyway. Or run away from obligations, their best solutions, leaving the poor new born babies or more in wilderness.
But for a true man, it’s so far different.

For some wealthy bachelors over there, to enjoy life without attachment is best. Of course, there are plan for a perfect wife to be. Some finds it so difficult the real girl for them especially for rich men. Social life for wealthy people spent in nightlife activities, club hangouts, parties, sports activities, and having many experiences of love affair to beautiful women.
Choosing the right one is quite hard, for women of today generation, virginity is so rare and lucky for those men to have.
Men, though reaching age of thirties aren’t prepared much, not like for women who are more mature in facing family responsibility. Preparedness is elusive to many men, for they are weak in the true sense of personality.
Why many men, either rich or average, let’s say even living in poor standard, are womanizer or still take some elicit relationships thou they are married or attached already?
For the reason and belief that having a multiple relationships makes their feeling of a true man. Boasting with their friends how many women Had been insane to him. He is so good on sex and expert in making them happy. That is to boost his ego of masculinity, cover up mask of true entity.
A man who had spent his life as single but many sexual relationships with women, often finds it hard to be a faithful husband. For a man who will never be contented of his sexual desires though got married to a woman she thinks is the one truly he love, still fall into an elicit relationships. We all know this is a fact. Wife of president got an affair to others, an actor had an affair to their landlady etc.
To face the responsibility of fatherhood, to raise a family of his own, to be attached to a woman all his life, is quite hard to be accepted by a man. For so long he is so free, to count many beautiful women, his income salary is solely owns by him, bachelors life will be cut off.
Facing a different life is a fear to many men, a plain truth and facts. For some get married, and afterwards just finding she’s not the woman she truly love. This thing is common to wealthy people, politicians and middle society.
Many men reach the age of 40’s because their priority is a stable business or jobs first, A huge wall they can lean on as they aged gradually and strength would not be the same. In their mind, when they have a family of their own, a relax life, stable wealth that would finance their needs.
Rest of their life as they reach in 50’s would be just an easy life, need not work for that mind and physical bodies. Health they precious much in advance. The future of their children to be and maintain a high standard way of living in a society they belong.

But for a righteous man, he follows God had promised, A good housewife is given by God. He patiently waits for that woman according to God’s time, it is Him who will make a way for them to met and realized that marriage.

There’s not much fuzzy in being at age 40’s and still single, just utilize that life in being righteous, with fear in God, be a servant of God. God will reward all good doings.


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