I am longing to have a friend in third sex, those men in physical body, but with heart and soul of a woman. I had met and have them but for a short period of time only. Their life is quite interesting to learn and be written.

For many of them are successful in life, they are brilliant people, friendly, kindhearted, loving people especially to parents and relatives.

Though there are many indulges in dirty life, like us too in normal general gender, that is reality and have to accept.
But I admire third sex from female or male origin who remains as is in their personality. Those people who are men in physical bodies yet so feminine in carrying themselves, yet dresses up in men and as female in attire.
I hope you won’t get mad at me, am just expressing my self- opinion, we are entitled to express as long as it’s not diminishing anyone.
I had a friend, a homosexual he is and a secretary in a doctor clinic, so kind and friendly. I missed him so much. Had met some of them way back home and all of them have good characters.
Almost all of them are witty, in a sense that they are joyful people and no dull moment I think for them.

I still wanted to keep on watching them in normal attire of men, and I don’t care for that cute hips movement which is better than mine. Those sister brother’s in the limelight brings great joy to viewers for they delivered jokes without over acting.
In fashion, really have that wide imagination of sketches and gowns, dressed made by them, our mouth would surely open up, huh! A given talent, an excellence contribution in our society had been given by many of them.
Most of them are trusted friend of women of their secrets, better than true women. But sorry, I love them in men attire and with those fingers flying off. I love them.
But I love most those who don’t indulge in relationships with men, who just remain to keep their feelings. Contented of who they are, silently adoring the man is his happiness. Maybe it’s the thing they are to withstand till their death.
Those who love parents, despite pains they undergone while they were not yet accepted of their true identity, yet never bear grudges. I salute you men.

For being sincere in friendship, spirit of being helpful in needs, yet positive minded.

Those who enjoys in the boys or men company but not doing wrong things, just a true friend enjoyments only. So as for the women who belong to third sex, my very dream too.


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