It can’t be denied that our children will reached that maturity, have stable jobs, partners to be, and planned to have their own dwelling place. Phase of time moves so fast, changing lifestyle of today’s generation.

Condominium, houses for bachelors and single ladies out there are offered at affordable prices. So enticing offers and benefits for these singles who dream of experiencing freedom to whatever they wanted to do in life.
This happens not only to those well of single ladies and gentlemen, but even to low income who had work in metropolis out of their rural areas residences.

The feeling of freedom, happiness and contentment it gives to each and they desire much. Old parents are left, just lucky if well off family, at least have household members to be with. But for poor couple, have no choice at all but to stay where they are.
Many siblings are not mindful of their old’s. Though how hard the couple to send them to obtain good education, many got married in the mid of college degree they are trying to pursue.

Parents are left losing their hope, discouragement and in deep debt even. Good for those who had been lucky in married life, but for those after getting pregnant, was left alone by the man. Responsibility of taking care of the baby was given to old and poor parents. Left them and pursue luck in the city.

In the city, finds a job, married, had a family again without bothering the problem given to poor old parent. What a disgusting kind of daughter or son are these people. As the child grows up and develop a trauma of what it is experiencing in his life. Other brothers or sisters in her/his parent side are living well. While he/she in a miserable condition and had not experience a real parent should give.
All of it, the poor parent suffers it all, emotion, poor health, scarcity of foods and other necessity is shoulder by them. As I always irritate, lucky are rich old parents, they are less affected and suffers less.
Many documentaries, real stories and experienced with my two eyes, scenes such as these really happening. What a merciful life they are enduring after those love and care they’d given yet this siblings not minding.
Preparedness of being left alone is the thing many forgot. All their mind and heart are focus in raising them up even until they have their own families. Sacrifice doesn’t end because of children who have no love for their parents.

Their only concerns are themselves and their children to be. Setting financial aside for themselves in preparation at least when physical bodies can no longer do heavy works as source of income.
There are many just left alone their parents in poor condition not minding them of their needs or health condition. The most miserable are those who really left alone, a widow or single mom or father and not able to earn income for themselves due to health condition and age. Couldn’t even afford to buy and supply the medicines she or he is needed.
Better are neighbors and friends, or local government who gives an aid or support once in a while. Other local government gives aid them by hiring them as street sweeper for four hours daily with a minimum salary. But how about those whose age ranges from sixty plus and seventy and weak to work? Some tries to earn by collecting plastics, cartoons, bottles and others and resell it on junk shops for a some of money.

But there are many martyr old’s who still support their children for grandchildren sake. And their children keep on depending on them adding more children without minding how to raise them. They themselves have no job, maybe a seasonal job, an extra sidelines only they base their daily lives.

Pity are these parents when time for them to be bed ridden and can’t even provide medicines for their illness. The children they had cared can’t do nothing also for the many children they had to fed too.
I think, if only all would sometimes be rude in giving discipline to their siblings for them to mature enough. But the problem is we can’t give them that rule to all, many are hard headed too.

Let them understand the responsibility is in their hands and should not be given to old parents.
Securing self by at least setting aside a certain amount with their knowledge, I guess is a wise decision. Taking care of one’s health, loving self and let us enjoy also our life here on earth. Living and remaining in righteous life, not indulging in different vices but be a good example good citizen in a community where we reside.


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