Vision: one word that best describe photography. An imagination or seeing. It’s the ability to envision a final result in mind’s eye. And make it so with tools at hand.

It’s about knowing the outlook of it, and thus making it to realize. It’s never of the attached equipment. A keen observant is a need, and snap shots of things around.

Both painting and photography are the same according to some. Why, for it a creative imagination which seems tangible. In painting, we can work freely in imagination. With those hand, heart and mind working together to envision what we wanted to be picture in a canvass.
Painters, artists based their work of art, crafts on photographs on print. For they able to illustrate the right shadowing, colors, vividness of what they wanted to illustrate or to express.
Photographers take shots what they seems unique, intriguing, colors, man’s images which would conveys messages and others. They play with their camera for that different lenses attached and gear. Light is necessary according to subject, shades, but even darkness with light shades is good shots too.
To be professional painters, photography, artists is a source of big income too. That is if you are famous already in this field of art. There people in this world of art almost spent their life in creating numerous number of painting, photo shots. Polishing much their mind to create a unique kind of art work just to be known and become a famous one.
Photo, painting and art exhibit is stepping stone to be known and our work of art be acknowledge by viewers. Some may like our works some may look at it as absurd. People have different mind in looking at an artworks. For those aficionados, in them we expect much appreciation, and they are bulk buyers the moment they like our work.
In exhibit, work of art is greatly open up to different kinds of eye and mind vision critics. If lucky enough for a neophyte, and works has a unique things to convey, sold out is a result.
Many are doing this kind of work mainly for purposes of a source of income. It deals quite large amount of wealth if chance of meeting good clients.
I seldom heard painting or photo exhibit for the purpose of humanities, and not for self- benefits.

Some of his  photo exhibit for the benefit of various organizations in need of support and help.
Here in the Philippines, I greatly admire Daniel S. Razon, a known media personality, public servant and an educator and referred to as photography artist. His first solo exhibit was “In My Eyes”. It’s about works on familiar places, landmarks in a distinctive approach giving the viewers a close-up on the sentiments and perspective of this artist’s inner man. The purpose of its exhibit is to benefit of indigents supported by various charitable organizations being spearheaded by Daniel Razon and Bro. Eli Soriano.
“Brush and Shutter” was another one, for the cause of supporting poor but talented student’s scholarships. Accommodating with free tuition of course, books, meals and lodging and other equipment of school needed.
Two films were also done for the purpose of continuous support of scholars, wherein yearly, many students are added.
I hope, many artist, photographers or painters would indulge themselves in giving out full pledge taking part in such endeavors.
Exhibiting of arts for a sole purpose just to gain for self- contentment is useless. Giving out, sharing what we have is an art of love.
Taking a look behind those painting is a must purpose of every art lover. The beauty of that craft object lies behind the very reason of the passion of that person and the exerted effort to come to realization of that purpose.
For ordinary people who have no much knowledge in the field of arts such as these, may just look at it as just a picture being hanged on there, displayed. But if he knows there is a reason of effort to men who had done those exhibitions, a different kind of mind, eye that viewer would have.
Maybe, he would ask, what’s in this picture? For curiosity reason, they would take a deep closer look and observance of the exhibit, God will do the rest. Many hearts and mind would pick some, took hand of some of it, buys and hang it on their wall. Proudly one would say, thank you Lord God, you let me take part in doing good to less fortunate than I am. My money I’d earned, you let it not wasted.
How beautiful are paintings, photographs and artworks displayed on walls. For a self- centered heart and mind, they may look at it not so worthy one. But in the eyes of people who look on that paintings, photographs, artworks, they look what is behind those pictures?


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