The only seeds I know and eats are Pili nuts, Jackfruit seeds, Casuy so common in our province. That was my teen age year and it’s so cheap then, not like today.
Am so careful nowadays of my health since I was operated of multiple Hepatic liver cysts, gallbladder was remove with almost 1 inches stone in it. After operation, because of constant pain in my right belly, ultrasound showed, fatty liver was forming and also a stone forming on right kidney.
I avoided eating rice and hard to digest vegetables. Poultry meat, pork and beef is out since 2009 I discovered my hepatic liver cysts.
My daily ritual from waking up in the morning is half glass of apple cider vinegar or lemon in half glass of water. After 30 minute, 1 glass of water. After 30 minutes, I take flaxseed and kefir for my belly, stomach, colon cleanser.
Fruits and vegetable juices was almost my meal and at night I don’t eat supper if possible. Just two glass of water.
I began to be curious of healthy foods and supplements for my body intake. Have to put extra care as I aged now, more fruits and vegetables is the best for a longer life.
Seeds and grains are so beneficial for health aside from the many diseases it cures, easy to digest. I compiled lists of so many seeds to eat rather than those health supplements in bottles.

SUNFLOWER- vitamin E, neutralizes free radicals, Selerium induces DNA repair,Magnesium builds strong bones and helps lower blood pressure, decrease muscles tension, migraines, headaches, soreness and fatigue.

HEMP-a complete protein, they contain in the essential fatty acids, omega 3. And are good source of soluble and insoluble in fiber . They are a great source of vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E

PUMPKIN- high in protein, phosphorous, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron, copper, B vitamins, vitamin K and E. Protects against osteoporosis. The most alkaline-forming seed, helps fight chronic diseases.

CHIA- calcium and phosphorous promote bone health. Fiber promotes digestive health. Omega-3s reduce inflammation. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals. High in protein, and regulates insulin levels.

SESAME SEEDS- rich in calcium and phosphorous, promote bone health. Antioxidants and manganese, neutralize free radicals. Zinc prevents osteoporosis. Eases stress and reduces hypertension.

POMEGRANATES- keeps blood from sticking together, increases oxygen levels to heart anti-inflammatory, may help combat erectile dysfunction, helps to lower blood pressure, shown to inhibit breast cancer, prostrate cancer, colon cancer and leukemia, promotes vascular changes that promote tumor growth in lab animals. Helps too in depression, powerful nutrient dense food, high in anti- oxidants, potent immune supporter, may protect against osteoporosis, may prevent and slow Alzheimer’s, may reduce PSA levels, raises HDL levels and enhances oral health

WATERMELON SEEDS- it’s packed with nutrients including fatty acids, essential protein and lots of minerals. It’s rich in magnesium, multi vitamin B complex, vitamin B3.

FENUGREEK- an amazing magic herb that can cure number of ailments such as arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, improve digestion, maintain a healthy metabolism, increase libido and male potency, cure skin problems, treat sore throat and cure acid reflux.

BLACK SESAME SEEDS- lower blood cholesterol level, lower cancer risk, helps maintain strong bones, high in monosaturated fatty acids, strong source of fiber and great source of antioxidants.

PUMPKIN SEEDS- great source of magnesium, improve bladder function, kill parasites, lower cholesterol level, natural anti-depressant, prevent cancer, prevent osteoporosis and prostrate health.

MELON SEEDS BENEFITS- for digestive organ problem, prevent cancer, stroke or heart disease, healthy skin kidney diseases, weight loss, high- quality protein, proper digestion, essential vitamins and minerals, melon skin for facial masks. It promotes healthy skin, good eyesight, helps combat infections, promotes healthy teeth and gums, prevents UTI, promotes fast healing of wounds, helps lower blood pressure levels, helps prevent leg cramps, promotes fertility for pregnant women, prevent anemia, for prevention of diabetic nephropathy, as cancer prevention, anti inflammatory, promotes health of lungs, menstruation problems and reduces stress.

FENNEL SEEDS- source cures for heartburn, acidity problem, mild nausea, flatulence, constipation and also bloating. Fennel as respiratory balms is good for colic bronchitis, cough, colds and infections of respiratory tract. It reduces the secretions in the nose, throat and lungs, thus offering relief from these illnesses. Boost antioxidants, alleviates blood pressure, heart healthy herb, for menstrual cramps and other painful afflictions, stimulates brain function, calmer and can be incorporate to diet. It is also good to eat after meal to eliminate strong smells after flavourful meal

TAMARIND SEEDS- It contain phosphorous, magnesium, vitamin C potassium, calcium and amino acids. Its red outer cover of tamarind seed cures diahrroea and dysentery effectively. As cosmetic, extracts of seeds contain xyloglycans which is used in many cosmetics and pharmaceuticals products. Topically used for treating minor skin rashes. For arthritis, has anti-inflamatory properties eases out joint pain. Consume ½ roasted seed powder twice a day with water to boost joint lubrication which soothes pain. For teeth, rub seed powder on gums for weak teeth. Good for smokers and soft drinks addict. Stains caused by drinking coffee, tea, soda and smoking, is remove. Tamarind seeds acts as immunity booster that protects us from many diseases and disorders. As antibacterial that can protect us from pneumonia-causing bacteria, such as Typhus and Staphylococus aureus. It also protects from bacterium that causes skin infections as well as intestinal and urinary tract infections. Cough and tonsils and throat infections, seeds juice and mouthwash as well, combined with some ginger, cinnamon. For diabetes, it lowers sugar levels, thus protects the pancreas, which increases the size of insulin producing cells. For heart because of potassium it contains, useful for hypertensive and heart patients. For fracture, a thick paste of powder seeds is applied on broken bones to cure fractures. As eye drops from seed juice, to moisturize, cures conjunctivitis for it contains polysaccharides that have adhesive properties to stick to the eye. Lastly, for skin benefit. It boost elasticity, provides hydration and smoothness. It contains hyaluronic acid that helps in skin moisturization and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. It is water soluble, hence it is used for serums, gels, facial toners and moisturizers masks. It also acts as anti-aging formula.

SUNFLOWER SEEDS- good source of protein, anti-oxidants to maintain body system, rich in vitatmin E which is good for skin, source of various B-complex vitamins, folic acids, source of niacin, rich in minerals specially manganese, zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium and copper.

GRAPE SEEDS-in oil form, it contain linoleic acid that strengthens cell membranes and improves quality of the skin, also as skin tightening and toning for long used. Minimizes under eye circles and removes dull and lifeless. It give a soft and baby-smooth skin. Prevents skin sagging by applying regular of grape seed oil to slow skin aging process. For hair fast grower, hair thickener and cures split ends. It combats dandruff too. Shines and strengthens hair, as natural conditioner, hypoallergenic. It is rich in antioxidants, heart health, for diabetics, broken capillaries and blood vessels, anti-inflammatory, cancer prevention, post- surgical benefits, heals wounds.

CARROT SEED OIL- it’s widely use for skin care as essential oil. For skin as tonic and protect from sunlight, used to treat hyper pigmentation, wrinkles, birth marks. For hair, it has a tonic feature. Digestion, used for weak liver, constipation, anemia: for it has a detoxifying effect on liver and helps to fight jaundice, It is used in massaging breast for development of it. Immunity, for it strengthens the mucus membranes in the nose, throat and lungs, hence effective in bronchitis and influenza. Good and helpful for treating arthritis, edema, rheutmatism, and accumulation of muscles and joint.
Wallnuts almond, peacans, pili nuts and so many kind of nuts around the world which are so healthy to eat instead of packed junkfoods. Though I can’t enumerate and search for all the benefits of it, at least some of the famous seeds I tried to collect and compiled.

CUMIN SEEDS–it contain large amount of Protein and Iron, improve our digestive system, regular use of this purify our blood, essential in metabolism system, keeps away from cancer diseases, improve our immunity system, useful in weight loss, obesity problem, can reduce weight if use in food daily basis, for sleeping problems.


-aids in digestion, good source of vitamin C, anti diabetic, anti-bacterial properties, Anaemia, detox remedy, eye care, women’s health, skin diseases, pimples, dark lips, hair loss


-back pain reliever massage with seed extracts, for hair loss for its sulphur content known to posses anti-fungal properties.
-aids in digestion, good source of vitamin C, anti diabetic, anti-bacterial properties, Anaemia, detox remedy, eye care, women’s health, skin diseases, pimples, dark lips, hair loss
-hair loss treatment, hydrates the skin when mixed with aloe vera gel is an excellent mixture that hydrates skin and erases all impurities from face and provides nourishment from within skin and makes it free from wrinkles and reduces the frown lines between brows.
0an excellent natural scrub or with essential oils of lavender, rose etc. and scrub to face and arms. Dead skin becomes smooth abd shiny and clears all blemishes from face.
-remove muscles pain in tub of warm water by adding a sum of it and soak self.-slow down the process of ageing, treats fever and flush out toxins from the body and is therefore useful.
As hair benefits- acts as conditioner, as rich source of Vitamin a, an excellent for growth of hair, strengthens hair.
Health benefits- for asthma who suffers from breathing problems when exposed to dust cold etc. for its components such as iron, magnesium selenium and copper, blood pressure and menopausal relief, cancer risk prevention if daily taken, disease prevention, dietary fiber, for migraine, nightshade rheumatic athritis, respiration congestion, treatment of cancer.


-basil contains many polyphenolic flavonoids especially Orientin and Vicenin, its leaves are rich in essential oils like eugenol, linalool, limonene, citral and terpineol which provide anti-bacterial and anti inflammatory benefits, high levels of beta carotene, lutein, zeaxantin, vitamin A and K, contains good amount f minerals, potassium, manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium and vitamin C and folates, excellent source of iron at 40% RDA per 100gms.


has skin moisturizing property for it’s rich in punicic acid derived from seeds will moisturize skin, anti-aging agent, revitalizes facial skin and heals wounds, heals dry skin and cracks by applying pomenegrate seed oil and regular use of it, treats skin infections, adds shines to hair, nourishes , strengthens dull hair, treats cancer, fertility problems improve immune problems, cholesterol levels.


-fennel seeds are good source of many vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, B3, manganese, fibers, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and others. Use to treat bloating, flatulence, irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, hypertension premenstrual syndrome, low milk production in nursing women, lowlibido, hormonal imbalance, bad breathe, bruises, eyesight decline, colic in babies, chronic coughs and sinus congestion. The fibers contained in seeds help to prevent intestinal cancer as they remove cancerous substances and toxins from intestines. But the fat extracted from fennel seeds was confirmed to be poisonous ein minute quantities which lead to breathing problems, skin rashes and nausea.


-fights cancer, lower blood pressure to a significant level, protect the liver from harmful effects of acetaminophen, reduces level of cholesterol contains various substances like flavonoids, coumarins, linoleic acids and different volatile oils., anti- inflammatory properties, uterine stimulant and known to ease muscle cramps to female reproductive tract, as antiseptic and antibiotic in nature.


-improve appetite as the aroma acts as stimulant, storehouse of dietary fiber and minerals like magnesium, copper, manganese and iron that help in easing constipation and cell formation, rich in antioxidants vitamins, bring down low density lipoproteins (LDL) or bad cholesterol levels (HDL) or high density lipoproteins, several ailments of digestive tract, antifungal and antibacterial properties, effective remedy for treating halitosis or bad breathe, diabetes, used in gripe water formulations for having digestive and caminative properties, treating intestinal gas formation and countering nausea, for nervousness and nausea, used as sedatives, blended into medical formulations for treating depression and panic attacks, has anti-allergic content, oil derives from it use for body aches, coriander tea is good for kidney ailments with 2 tspn. in 8oz. of water, cures swelling ulcers in mouth and for arthritis.

These are just among the seeds which are just around, cheap, easy to access and are so good to our health instead of manufactured and chemically produced pills and capsules.

For me, am beginning to use it since I was operated from my multiple liver cysts and gallbladder was removed due to stone in it. I have to be more careful about my health since in my my check up, there is a cloudy formation at my right kidney and fatty liver forming. The best thing to do is to use natural remedy.

Different kinds of diseases is obtain by not eating right foods and over eating. All comes from food, so a need for careful study of our diets intake is needed.


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