What drives my heart to offer my great salute and admiration? Those handicapped and disabled people and most of all, to once a whole normal but become one.

How bless and thankful it is for us bestowed with normal physical being body parts, inside and out, a healthy one. We can do freely things we wanted to do, go anywhere and felt that energy of happiness and contentment. That is for those who knows to appreciate God’s creation in us.

I had read, seen on newspapers, magazines and television and internet screen different stories of these people. Those once living a normal life, had encountered a diseases, accident which lead them to be among the disabled people. Yet, in them, discouragement to go on with life is so far from them. Maybe, they see those with severe abnormalities who still able to wear smiles in their hearts and faces. That laughter in them when they are in group. No traces of pain, or blaming God because of their condition.

Blinds, deaf, polio victims on wheelchairs, able to work and earn to support their needs better than those in normal physical beings. Spending their life on drugs, vices, and other bad things rather than use it in good things.

I think, it is much easier to accept reality of the fact of their physical condition for those who since birth had acquired it. Good parents who had children like these people, help their children to build up their emotion and self-trust. If one of couple pairs have these, they support one another, it’s not an issue for them but rather binding them more in love and care. Absolute support is a need for people like them who shows also great desire not to remain incapable but wanted to be useful person.

They know it’s not their parent’s faults, nor blame their great Creator for having that disabilities in life. For within them, their soul is complete, trusting in God fully, for life is not always happiness. Trials are spices in life which help us to be more flavorful in God’s sight if we know to balance life.

People who are inborn with disabilities slowly adopted to their conditions, though at childhood suffers ridicules or insults from bad and evil minds children or adult they are. As they grows old, they are accustomed of whatever kind of people gazed they received or insulting jokes.

But not to people who maybe was shocked and could hardly accept of their present condition now. They need much compassion, attention, love and care and encouragement to regain again that confidence. To let them understand, they are not alone, we have just different kind of challenges in life.

Soldiers, men and women are common victims of this condition, from vehicular accidents victims of crimes or diseases. Amputating parts of their bodies either arms, legs, hands and others. Some are fatal, and luck for those with minor injuries only. A psychiatrist is often needed to calm down mind, ease those pain and agony they are undergoing. For there are men and women abandoned by their loved ones seeing them in their poor condition. Another torment in mind to slowly be healed and accept in a slow process.

For unlucky, even their children is taken away and they are left alone. In solitaire moments, seldom a tormenting state which needed a hard heart to hold on. Lucky for those who have still parents, sisters or brothers who are loving and helping these people to stand firm again in spite of their state.

With the help of loved ones, or any friend, institutions that help them recovers fast of their emotions, some recovers fast. A big boost to regain self- confidence, courage to face the world, encouragement that they can still have jobs and able to earn. Putting that smile again in their faces, gaining more friends, love and care, a continuous support from people who truly understand


I had viewed a story of soldiers with amputated legs, others thighs, but with the help of others who had suffered accidents like them (though minor) a great smile of hope and courage was shown in them. They had proven, world doesn’t end in being a disabled. It is a challenge given to them by God because He trust in them.

We all have challenges in life to face, to conquer it and never give up. As long as He still allows us to waken up, have breathe of life, face the world with great confidence in God. What we are suffering can’t be compared of what He had.



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