Being in the early age of 18, I presumed my mind and heart is mature enough. Just like ordinary guy who fall in love, I had that too. She’s a schoolmate of mine during my college days. She’s pretty fair, and I got her nod easily. We became sweetheart and often calls each other. Cellphone was just beginning to be around that time.

It was only me in our house who have it. One time, I was so in a hurry going to work then; I left my phone. I was a tricycle driver then to support my studies. My mother did a multiple task too for our daily needs and house rental. The girl called up and it was my mom who got the phone to answer. She asked the girl if she’s my girlfriend, unfortunately, the girl answered my mom aggressively. I was confronted by my Mom and demanded me to break my relation with the girl.

I can’t blame her for I understand that aches she felt for the bad behavior my Mom got.

It took number of years when I fell in love again. Hoping this time, she’s a perfect gal for me now. Though she has a quite not so good family, that didn’t hinder me of loving her. Her father had almost five relationships with children in each except of the third. Her mother was the second woman met by his father and they had three children. She was the eldest, and abandoned at the early age of her brother. They were by her mother to an aunt where they grow up and who took care of them. Their mother got married again without them being introduced as her children. Maybe to create a new family without the dark shadow of her past. They were ignored by their mother till they reach maturity. They were introduced to their half brothers and sisters as nephews. So painful really to accept.

She got sick of leukemia, was hospitalized for a period of month. Thanks, thru the help of her rich uncle, she had able to survived the sickness she had. I was prohibited of going at the hospital by her relatives. We’re just poor, am just earning a quite income in a call center office. But thru cellphone, we had able to communicate to each, or when her relatives are not there, yes. She got well and had fast recovery thru a health supplement from Korea.

Back in her feet, she was given the chance to manage the business her uncle had. Managed it well, and really boost the income of their business. She bought a car which cost almost 1.3 million pesos, a condominium office and a residential room for her.

It took us three years for our relationships, quite happy. We even visited her relatives in the province, we took of having together once in a while. But my mother is against her, not because she had three previous boyfriend. The first one died of sickness, the two, split for a reason.

We are Christians, she is a Catholic, we have a so opposite teachings. My mother keep on irritating me to choose a true Christian girl and pray hard to meet that. Maybe, a hard headed son myself and was blinded by love, ignored my mother. My mother doesn’t want even the way she dress up, so worldly in attire. Doesn’t recognized bible teachings of God.

Without my knowledge, my mother kept on crying hardly and praying to God to intercede. She kept on asking in prayers for us two to be separated. She kept on asking for a woman who is God fearing one.

I don’t know, but one day, I realized my mind was opened up to a big decision. We broke up in good conversation together. I had given her advice to adopt a child so that she could have someone to lean on as she grows old. And she did.

I’d just let the days passed in my life without looking for another woman again. Worked hard, goes to service in worships days, do my task as add pro in our church.

Facebook was my past time before going to sleep. But God has His own ways to pursue His plan to us. I met the woman of my love, and soon to be my wife. A dainty and God fearing woman, and all the traits am wishing and praying is in her.

When my mother found it up, she really had that big smile of approval. That was the time I’ve known how she had prayed for that woman for me. Really, a true Christian mother knows best, and the more I love my mother.

I sincerely believe that if we children would listen to Christian parents; I mean true Christians sense, we will never fail. Am at 36 now, the woman is at 30, at matured age now and ready to build a family. We had enjoyed our being single then, had face many experiences in life. Many lessons we had, learned to accept that good parents advices are the best.

A good housewife or husband is a gift given by God Almighty!!



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