Am not against all about white people nor am in favor to all black men. Let’s just stand in the mid of who is in the right path and who are in the left dark side of life attitudes.

Ever since in history shown how this many white people despised and abused black people. They are referred to as minorities, turns into slaves of these white men who invaded their countries. Either by force they were conquered or by dirty tricks treating them as ignorant people. Some black leaders who rule them received bribes in exchange of freedom of his people. We can’t blame the whites for that for these black leaders have a so black hearts and minds.
Why these white men look down so crazy on skin color and let’s include the appearance of black people. As if they are only the one considered as human just because of their skin colors, blonde hairs? Do all of them have a good looking face? Uh!! I dare to disagree!
Kinky hairs, large nose, dark skin tone, maybe thick lips perhaps to some, but they have that so white teeth! Though I had never been in different countries of these black people, I had been reading, in documentaries film stories, news and items regarding them, mind was informed well.

Yes, wars, conquest between rival tribes, raping women, even children are not free from sexual assaults within their own countries of these black race. That’s the main reason maybe of these white races, for they even in themselves don’t have that sympathy for their own.

There are many black people too who hates white men. Yet, these two colors also do fall in love and get married. Some finds a happy life time ending, while others separates with sour life.
Can I say because of ignorance? No way, it’s not enough reason. Greediness of leadership, fruits of laziness, inborn evil minds, that’s it. False belief of religions are among the main reason, religious practices causes much trouble within a country.
There were many good black leaders who had lead their countries and was well known all over the world. Even white men leaders admired them the way they brought up their people. Influenced the white country of how to rule a country without prejudice, we salute like them.
But as a country of black people is entered into by these white rich country leaders, pity they are.. Buildings so tall are installed, large companies, oil refineries, mining industries which damaged badly to once fertile land and quite peaceful land.
Sad to black people who were set aside to a place they don’t like. A once land they owned since prehistoric time gotten from their ancestors, are gone. They are now squatters in the place where waste materials from oil refineries, mining, they strive to live. They were outcast from their own land by these rich white men from rich countries. Promising them a progressive nation they would built their nation, but the truth, it’s themselves they are enriching and their own countries. Poor becomes their slaves, low average payment in work, poorer than poor condition before.
Not only to nations of this race but rather to Asian countries. A brown race in complexion in small islands or countries that were entered into by these white racists. This refers to all white races such as British, French, Canadian and others.
Once these nations entered into small countries, rest assured they are under its power and hardly that small nation can detach itself. The Philippines are among who had experienced such from that countries.
Yes, there are good white Samaritans too, but they are not so powerful than their government officials. They can do a helping hand in humanitarians assistance, food, medical and health suppl maybe, help to some injustice but not for great injustices done by their countries itself.
White policemen who are abusive against black men, their blood is boiling against them. It’s in the news and acceptance of them who shots black men for small offense and even invent event to kick off them.
But let’s face it, there are many black men too who indulge themselves in dirty games of life. Abusive too even to their own fellow countrymen.
But summoning it up, big and rich countries of white races are dominant in power against black or brown races. It seems imprinted in their minds and passes to generation that they are super power races in this world.

Even to other white races, they themselves wars to each other just to remain and retain their powers. That great desire in their evil hearts not to be dethrone with their power and to reign until their last breathe. For with families, passes it down to their sons as their successor.
Small entities began to gather up powers too out of small groups. Then even use threat just to acquire many companies who will be with them.
POWER is the main reason of this. They wanted to be known all over the world as the most powerful nation to be fear of. A rich nation with many resources thru acquisition from small countries they befriended. Large companies, malls stores, mining industries, oil refineries, constructions, even large farming industries. Slaving small nations, dictating their ways of governing.
Same as in black leaders too who are entice with wealth of these rich white countries. Selling his countrymen rights, while he himself enjoys life.
So, whom to be blame? We can’t say we voting people for democratic nation they say. In the department of commission on election, there are anomalies too. The politician which the people think is good and voted unanimously by voters, flank in counting. The unscrupulous one, now becomes the winner. Some had use force to win perhaps.
Maybe, all the voters thought he is a good leader to be, but when gotten the position, the true color of his heart slowly revealed. Now that acquired that power, their evil heart and mind started their plan.
This occurred to white and black leaders. Conflicts and problems arises within their territories. The kind of service they tender to their fellowmen.
Different religious beliefs, traditions and traits, how a family is brought up by their parents, broken families, adopted and abandoned children bad experiences, family feud within the family is a big factor in molding of a person character. Self- ambitious, bad influence of friends and, the environment itself. I had read many such as these big known leaders why they had become such. Former and late president of Iraq, contribute a lot of what character molded in himself. Libyan late president too life story since childhood molded his life of his personality. Hitler of Germany, and so many like them who had a miserable life childhood and family background.

But there always exception, for there were people who had learned to let their life be summoned up with good life as they grow up. Showing to the world that past life had taught them not to stay in it, rather rose up.
What can we do, we ordinary citizen of our country? Just a prayer of every true Christian believers in God. His intervention to at least o minimize the world in panic of wars here and there.

Hoping racism would be minimize, skin is just a color due to inherited genes, zone climate of a country. Remove that outer layer of skin, were all same in flesh. What’s the best is what’s inside our heart, how do we deal with others.


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