Emotion is hard to keep. Either we are in grief, sadness, in pain, happy, great gladness, especially when we are in love.

Writers are naturally full of emotion, that is referred to inborn writer and whose genes are great writer too. A person with inborn talent in writing need not totally to depend on acquiring from mere studying in great school. Writers had definite and different abilities in writing articles, reports, articles, ideas etc.

A simple article can be made attractive to reader to read it. Can enhance an article and make it interesting in the way it is being dealt with by the writer itself.

Writing can destroy personality, dignity, can pull out a person from pedestal once enjoyed by that certain person especially in politics. Connivance with other writers who are unscrupulous too like them, they able to triumph. But I can say not say not to a truly good person who hides nothing. God will reveal their true motives.
In entertainment news writing, it’s a fact that writers are paid by some personalities for them to stay in the news and limelight always. If that star has a good public relation to news writers, a good chance. Just as in the field of politics too.
But me, I rather indulge myself in writing opinions to certain matters which may interest me. News about abusive to humanities, politics anomalies, racists, natural healthy foods from seeds to fruits and leaves, healthy oils and foods, are among interesting facts to write.
Pen, was the most tool in writing whatever inside a human point of interest is. But as progress goes on, from type writer, now computer and other form of writing techniques are around. As fast as a seconds, whatever was written out of a person’s mind, can be read all over the world.
Writing eases stress to a human, from writer itself, and to reader who admired what was read. When their two minds met with set of same opinion, it’s a triumph for both. If it satisfies the reader, so as well to the writer, it brings so much ego to us.
Well, we cannot please all, there are so many minds who are full of of happiness in despising others. It’s a fact happening to all corners of the world and many encounters such.
To be admired as a good and honest writer though how simple how it was written, enlightens our hearts. Simple words readily understood, vivid picture is drawn in reader’s mind. Leaving a message which may intact in their hearts and minds is my great objective. I avoid using of words so hard to be grasps by an ordinary cook the simplest way. Steaming, broiling, grilling and deep fried are among my ways of cooking. Of course salads from fruits and vegetables, root crops and lastly, fruit and veggies juicing are the most fun for me to do.
Writing releases toxins from person’s body, stress is expelled out, and brings out much enjoyment once able to finish a some items. I see to it in my reviews of what I had written that am truly satisfied, before I pressed my keys to publish it.
Am not a professional writer, just a beginner. But wishes that I could contribute at least some good ideas I may partake and make many joyful hearts as they read my articles. That is all my desire and dream.
Aging at sixty brings out many anxieties, loneliness, loss of appetite in eating especially when always left alone in our house. Writing is a wholesome thing that erases boring moments in life.
Just to see to it that in writing, never desire to use those keyboard to ruin a personality because of personal grudges. Sharing opinion about things around communities such as abuses of persons in the government, maltreatment to disabled people, racists, family problems to name some are just natural.


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