What are the basic categories of a woman to be called truly beautiful? saying goes on, it’s in the eyes of beholder. Maybe yes, maybe not for me.

Am a woman, yet i admire women with astonishing beauty from head to foot. I collect even pictures of them who had attracted me a lot and wishes to have that luck. If I could only turn back the time and have the power to have it. I stare long at them, sigh a bit, oh, how I wish I have that exuberant countenance too.

There are faces that you would never get tired staring at, a stunning beauty really.

Yes, there are many ladies, women out there with so much sex appeal, voluptuous bodies and face. Personalities which satisfies only the hungry eyes of men. Seductive bodies, induce sexual desires. Big boobs open for everybody to see, daring poses in string bikinis or topless, totally nude.
Fashion, weird fashion styles, I don’t even wanted to look at. Elite world, liberated as young as teens up to matured women and oldies. They consider themselves beautiful. Goes in parade with an array of colorful make-up, earrings, necklaces, watches, and other decorative hings they wanted.

Tattoos are widely quite popular now than before. They almost cover their bodies with it. From elite society down to lowly people, we can see it imprinted. It’s either secretly embedded in private parts or in arms, hands, breast, back and so on.

True beauty for me, needs no paints on face, no surgery done, nor chemical to enhance face and body from wrinkles and other blemishes.

Healthy supplements  to be intake, healthy fruit and vegetables juices, healthy foods, natural oils for skin, and other just natural are the best.

A woman without make-up, no jewelries attached to the bodies, clothes so appropriate in God’s eyes is the best. Most important, a woman who fears and acknowledges God’s teachings, walk in it. She walks so dainty in the street, with long hair so tidy in ponytail, modest attire and with sweet smile on her countenance.


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