pics11When ever I start to write , I set my my mind not expect to people to be delighted of what I wrote. Criticism is good according to its purpose. Although the way I used English words are so simple,yet I believe the essence of the theme I want to convey is precious .

Am at the peak of my age now. My life then since childhood is full of sorrow, persecutions, trials, emptiness, etc., but all of this past life made me brave enough, strong in faith to God Almighty.

Have met different kind of people, experience a lot how to inter act to each characters. Had many failures but always surpassed everything because of my faith to my Creator.

I wanted to share to the world all the things about my life,a bit of knowledge I can share, opinions, fashions, opinions, experiences, travel and many more.

My dream is to met people, i used to be a loner then.. I want to explore my world.